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40 Council Students Participate in Noxious Weed Identification Contest
Council students learned about the noxious weeds found in Adams County during the spring of 2022.  Council high school biology students learned about noxious weeds from Dave Herold, Adams County Weed Control supervisor at Big Bar in Hells Canyon in April.  Dave also taught students about noxious weeds to Council Elementary Garden Club members and to Council secondary students at Lumberjack Days. Both the Garden Club members and the Council third graders were given an Adams County Noxious Weed Coloring Book photocopied by the Idaho State Department of Lands and the U.S. Forest Service to help the learn to identify the noxious weeds.  Thirty-eight elementary students took the Adams County Noxious Weed Identification Quiz in May 2022.  One of these students correctly identified all 24 noxious weeds, earning him an Adams County Noxious Weed t-shirt and a gift bag with certificates for free donuts and ice cream and two Golden Book, Weeds and Wildflowers.  Nine other elementary students earned t-shirts by being one of the top 5 scores in the third grade and top 5 in the garden club.  Two high school students took the Adams County Noxious Weed Identification Quiz and earned a t-shirt.
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