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Esch 5612 No Till Drill
  • 12 ft Working width 8'10" transport width making high speed road transport easy (see video on this page)

  • Only 2 Remotes required make it work with most any tractor (65 hp or greater)

  • Uses a foam disc for consistent and accurate seed flow.
  • No-Till coulter has tapered roller bearings​

  • Offset double disk openers make a true V bottom seed trench for the best seed to soil contact.​​

  • Creates 400 lb of down force per row standard.

  • Adjustable seed depth using a T Handle.

  • 5 1/2" Row spacing for unparalleled crop stands

  • $250.00 Rental Deposit
  • $50/Day Rental Fee
  • $15/Acre Drilled Fee
  • To rent the no till drill please contact our office either by email ( or by phone (208-253-4668​).
Esch 5612 Operating Instructions
Benefits of Using a No Till Drill
  • Reduces soil loss due to erosion
  • Minimizes  disruptions to soil aggregates by not breaking them up continuously & forcing them to restart.
  • Can increase soil organism diversity & activity
  • Does not disrupt earthworm burrowing and helps protest networks created mycorrhizal fungi that connect them to the host plant
  • Can slightly reduce soil temperatures
  • Reduces fuel and labor costs by decreasing the number of passes through the field with tilling (~$100 per acre for each crop planted)

  • Reduces the wear and tear on equipment

  • Saves time by requiring less ground preparation before planting

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