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The Adams Soil & Water Conservation District (ASWCD) is one of 50 
Conservation Districts in Idaho.  It includes all of Adams County in 
west central Idaho. The District was organized April 21, 1966 and 
was one of the last  three Districts to be formed in Idaho.  

Idaho’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts are political 
subdivisions of state government but are not state agencies.  
Conservation Districts are charged with carrying out programs for the 
conservation, use and development of soil, water, and other natural 
resources within their boundaries.

The District accomplishes its mission through educational outreach, 
technical help and access to financial assistance programs to help 
landowners implement voluntary Best Management Practices. The 
District is managed by a board of supervisors who are elected 
Adams County residents.

You can learn more about the Adams Soil & Water Conservation 
District by reviewing our 2019 Performance Report (two-page 
summary) and our  Annual and 5-Year Plans.

The 18-page Plans include a description of the geography, climate, 
resources and population of Adams County, Idaho, and provide 
information on the District's goals and objectives for the next five 

ASWCD Five Year Plan
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