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2021 Adams County Pollinator Project

Project Goals: 

  • Support both local native and non-native pollinators by providing them with more food resources (flowers)

  • Collaborate with the Council Elementary (K-6th grade) and Middle School students (7th graders) to start pollinator plants from seed

  • Provide the community the opportunity to purchase pollinator plants through the Council High School Plant Sale on May 27, 2021 from noon to 6 pm and support the Elementary Garden Club Projects next year while supporting the local pollinators

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 7.12.09 AM.png

Project Description

Grades kindergarten through seventh are planting different flowering plants that attract a variety of pollinators.  Seventh graders are also creating brochures to go with each plant purchased, describing the plant, its habitat preferences, and what pollinators they commonly attract.

Sunflower Brochure
First Graders
Black-eyed Susans Brochure
Second Graders
Zinnias Brochure
Third Graders
Echinacea Brochure
Salvia Brochure
Blanket Flower Brochure
Hyssop Brochure
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